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Curriculum Vitae

Cheese Boys

A simple and (I hope) funny arcade game made with the pygame library.
Originally started for fun, begin giving some times to it also for learn more about the Python language that I use at work.

Of course, the town where the game is played is my hometown! I've no time (and ability) to imagine and drawn a complete new place, so why don't using on I really know?

Also why don't create a story where my town take the world?! :-)

The preamble

At the beginning of the 21th century, in a little city on Italy named Codigoro, a Dark Presence of unknow origin contacted and corrupted five friends giving them new dark magic powers...

Even if the Dark Presence quickly disappear (someone says that it wasn't real) the Cheese Boys (as the five call themself) begin a silence plan to take the world.

The most dangerous power of the Cheese Boys wasn't the new physical strength gained after the contact with the Dark Presence, but the power to turn other men to their cause, transforming normal people to a kind of mindless minion.

Every member of the Cheese Boys choose another city near to Codigoro to create his own Clan, and quickly transform the entire population of those cities in warrios to use.
Migliarino, Lagosanto, Comacchio and Ferrara (the bigger city in the region) were the choosen cities.

The younger of the Cheese Boys (Mio) but also the more powerful because he met the Dark Presence for first, chose Codigoro itself.

The Cheese War

Cheese Boys logo

After a few months the secret project to conquer the world was revealed. Even if the Cheese Boys at this time controls only a little portion of the italian territory, the rest of the world understimate the problem, or simply don't understand how is possible that thousands of men and womens became mad withou reason.

When finally the five clans reach the control of about the half of Italy, the world react with the force and the Cheese War begins!
But somehow they are late. The magic power of the Cheese Boys was grown a lot and many other minion begin to obtain magic powers too!

However they were only some millions, but then begin the Disease.
This illness (or curse like other call it) was for sure an effect of the Cheese Boys of unknow origin and was never found by scientists or medicals. In some way the population of the planet begin to be randomly transformed to minions of the Cheese Boys.

Lesser was the distance from the Cheese Boys territories, faster was the speed of the Disease over the population.
European people (soldiers, leader, actors, advocates...) suddently change side and betray, giving to Cheese Boys armies more power.

After the conquer of Europe, the Asia fall, then Africa and Australia.
In some year the Cheese Boys armies land on America conquers the souths countries.
The last territory that surrender to the Cheese Boys and went transformed were the United States.
Someone again tell of the final battle of the Cheese Boys again Chuck Norris...

... but the Cheese War was not at the end. Like a copy of the Asterix's village, very near to the new capital of the Earth, Codigoro, a region resists to the Cheese Boys and also to the Disease!
The Veneto.

For some reason the dark magic power that beat the world resistence was weak onto this population. Even if the armies of the Cheese Boys now count millions of minions, no one can enter Veneto without became sick.
To the same effects are also subjects the original Five Clans and (someone says in secret) the five Cheese Boys.

On the other hand, no one from Veneto can leave the land and enter what now is the Cheese Empire without begin to feel the Disease, and finally became another of the Cheese Boys slave.

Today - the begin of our story

You are playing in the year 12 of the Cheese Boys Age (AKA 12 year after the Cheese War begin).

A big army of the Cheese Boys has passed the borderline near to Ferrara and enter the Veneto, taking the famous Last Brige that divide Ferrara from Veneto.
You, one of the most powerfull Veneto warrior, have the duty to drive them back and discover why they tried this.

Overland map

Show a map of the area where the story is developed

State of the project

The game is now entered in a livin alpha version! I need to work some other hous to keep some feature more stable.

Now the Game