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A pygame addon for display text over surface with many dimension bounds.

KTextSurfaceWriter is a specialized module for helping PyGame developers in blitting simple text on surfaces. The developer only need to indicate the area in which the text must be contained, and the module do the rest.

I wanted to obtain a reliable code, usable all the times I need to paste strings in pygame, without need to re-invent the wheel every time.

This code is released as a python egg on the Python Cheeseshop.

Complete source and SVN trunk is available on Sourceforge.

Example and usage

A complete documentation example is found at the project page on the Python Package Index.


To get the library, just use the easy_install script as this is released on the Cheeseshop!

For more info about how to install an egg in a standard way, see my personal page on Distutils.

If (after really evaluate the easy_install way) you wanna get the egg, download it from the Python Package Index given above.