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Curriculum Vitae

Zope/Plone products

This section contains add-on for the Zope application server (in facts products for the Plone CMS, based on Zope).

All this code is released under the GPL licence.

Plone projects list


One of the most know products of Plone right now is FileSystemStorage, a developer targeted product that help administrator to store file and image contents on filesystem instead of using the Data.fs ZODB file.
What is missing in FileSystemStorage (it seems it was added from branch 2.8+) is a good tool to migrate from old basic storage to new ones.
This product add to Plone a new form to perform those operation below:
  • Migrate a portal (or a subtree of it) to FileSystemStorage, moving out files and images.
  • Help an administrator to change the storage strategy used.
Plone2FSS on Pypi
Final notes
Starting with version 2.8 of iw.fss the migration from Attribute/Annotation storage to FSS is part of the product's core. So you don't need Plone2FSS anymore!
Be only aware that Plone2FSS is compatible with older versions, like 2.6 branch that work with old Plone 2.5! In those cases I think you can continue using it!


After the Dark Age of Plone4Artists Video, a new generation of Video support for Plone has been released.
I'm talking of collective.flowplayer, that give to Plone site all the feature from Flowplayer Flash audio/video player.
But accessibility directive says that even Flash video must follow some rules: for example the Flash controlbar integrated in Flowplayer is not usable by keyboard.
This addon for collective.flowplayer disable the basic Flash control bar and replace it with a new, Javascript based but more accessible ones.
collective.flowplayer_toolbar on Pypi